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Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)

Moodle Training Materials for teachers

For technical support, please contact ITSC 2616 7995 or

  • 10 Steps to Moodle (PDF)
  • Course Setting (PDF)
  • Set up your Profile (PDF)
  • Using Turnitin to Assist Students in Avoiding Plagiarism (PDF)
  • Using Turnitin to Detect Plagiarism of your content (PDF)
  • How to set up an Online CTLE in Moodle (PDF)
  • Create a Wiki (PDF)
  • Create a Quiz (PDFVideoVideo)
  • Create Groups (PDF)
  • Managing a Merged Course with Multiple Sections (PDF)
  • Using the Gradebook (PDF)
  • Using Rubrics to Speed Up Grading and Provide Feedback (PDF)
  • Send Message to All Students in Your Class (PDF)
  • Tell Students about the Course Upload Outcome (PDF)
  • Upload Content – Chrome Safari (PDF)
  • Upload Content (PDF)
  • Create a Folder and Add Files to It – Chrome Safari (PDF)
  • Create a Folder and Add Files to It (PDF)
  • Discussion Forum Activity (PDF)
  • Create Assignment Activities (PDF)
  • Setup a Glossary Activity (PDF)
  • Add an URL (PDF)
  • Communicating with the Class News Forum Individual (PDF)
  • Create a Webpage (PDF)
  • Use the Choice Activity (PDF)
  • Course Settings (PDF)
  • Setup Your Profile (PDF)
  • Messaging 1 (PDF)
  • Messaging 2 (PDF)
  • Online Chat (PDF)