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Sharing by Students & Graduates



Law Chak To Jason

Sociology Graduate, 2023

“Studying in Social and Public Policy Studies at Lingnan University has enriched my knowledge and life experiences. The academic training facilitated me to analyse different social issues from the perspectives of sociology and social policy. Meanwhile, it encouraged me to integrate theory into practice through the service-learning course and internship experiences. I got the opportunity to participate in a few projects regarding to ageing and social impacts, which further enrich my understanding and interested on these issues. Most importantly, the setting of Lingnan enables us to build close relationships with professors and other students, so we can discuss on various social issues and learn a lot from these treasurable conversations.



Tam Nga Man Valerie

Sociology Graduate, 2023

Studying sociology was something unexpected for me, but it turned out to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. I received adequate practical training through the Lingnan University Sociology Programme to hone my sociological research skills. More significantly, it has improved my ability to think critically by examining problems from all angles and weighing the opinions of various stakeholders before reaching conclusions. In addition, the compact setting at Lingnan University fosters close connections among students, professors, and faculty, enabling us to delve deeper into course topics. Last but not least, as a sociology graduate from Lingnan University, I have learned never to undervalue our potential, yet be courageous when pushing our limits.



Ma Cheuk Pui Derek

Sociology Graduate, 2023

Although many of us entered this university with disappointment and were very nervous about our future as sociology graduates, I believe we all became much better after studying at Lingnan. In this college, we got much more resources compared to others, such as care from professors, and the chance of being nominated to exchange or living in student hostels. If you make good use of these, they will help equip you for facing future challenges. To add on, unlike other subjects, such as Marketing and Finance, Sociology does not provide you with a clear career path, but at the same time, no limitations. Moreover, the critical thinking skills and the sensitivity to society that Sociology offers you can be somewhere letting you stand out.



Chan Tsz Long

Sociology Graduate, 2021

“Being a sociology student of Lingnan University was a fruitful period of my life. The programme offers comprehensive training, which enabled me to put theory into practice. In addition to learning various sociological theories, being a Lingnanian studying sociology enriched my experience of exploring diverse community service. I took part in an afterschool educational project through service-learning course, and an internship in Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies to promote Gerontechnology. All these valuable experiences equipped me with broad knowledge of social institutions, specialized skillsets of problem-solving  and effective communication which are helpful to pursue a future career.”



Or Ho Yuen

Sociology Graduate, 2020

“The Sociology Programme at Lingnan University has facilitated my all-round development. Apart from academic training, I engaged in service learning in a school teaching programme, internship in an elderly community center, and a project on technology and age-friendly city. All these activities were not only great fun; I treasure them as an important part of my time as a Lingnan Sociology student.”



Lee Ka Lam, Karen

Social and Public Policy Studies Graduate, 2017

“What are the root causes behind this social issue? – the most amazing part of this programme is that it helps students develop the capacity to look at a social issue from the perspectives of both sociology and social policy. Comprehensive knowledge, analytical skills and critical thinking were also greatly cultivated under cross-disciplinary, student-centred teaching. It enabled me to pursue a meaningful career in social advocacy at think tanks and charitable organisations.”