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Research Projects

Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS), General Research Fund (GRF) 
and Early Career Scheme (ECS), awarded by RGC from 2012 to present
RGC Ref. No. Principal Investigator Project Title Award (HK$) 
LU 23602722 Prof. CHIU Tuen Yi, Jenny Migration Decision-Making and the Changing Intergenerational Care Relations in Hong Kong:
A Comparative and Intergenerational Approach
LU 23607522 Prof. LAI Yuen Shan Ruby Gendering Informal Housing: Intersectional Inequalities and the Resilience of Families Living in Subdivided Units in Hong Kong 431,160
LU 13604821 Prof. Chen Hon Fai        Yenching, Lingnan, Pittsburgh: C.K. Yang and the Transnational History of Chinese Sociology 441,877   
LU 23601021 Prof. Au Yeung Tat Chor Meaning, justification and aspiration: A qualitative study on the moral underpinnings of platform workers' practices in Hong Kong 408,000
LU13601920 Prof. Chan Han-nung, Annie Buying, keeping and throwing stuff in small homes: A study on the purchase, storage and disposal decisions and practices of Hong Kong families 823,800                   
LU23602920 Prof. Lynn Tang Context, meaning and agency: A study on suicide and political crisis in Hong Kong 442,700
LU13600717 Prof. Peter Baehr The Political Liberalism of Rebecca West 236,000
LU13602417 Prof. Chan Hau-nung, Annie "All by Myself?" - A Study on the situations of singles in two Chinese cities 549,400
LU13603017 Prof. Chen Hon-fai Achievements without Coherence: State Building, University System and the Institutionalization of Chinese Sociology, 1919-1949 381,000
LU13673016 Prof. Mok Ka-ho Hong Kong Non-Governmental Welfare Organisations in Mainland China: Services, Challenges and Opportunities 930,460
LU13643616 Prof. Roman David Historical Justice and Reconciliation: Dealing with Japan's Occupation in Korea 887,278
LU13629816 Prof. Chan Hau-nung, Annie Transnational Transformations? How Transient Migration Shapes Intimate and Family Relations of Transnational Professionals in Hong Kong 478,484
LU301-HSS-13 Prof. Peter Baehr Unmasking: A Critical Study 552,600
LU340613 Prof. Roman David Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Myanmar 692,354
LU340112 Prof. Chan Hau-nung, Annie Using a Gendered Organization Approach to examine Gender and Policing in the Hong Kong Context 368,104
Total:    7,027,140