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Student Services


Processing Time (Working Days)

I. Admissions
1. Enquiries - Reply in letter within 7 days -
2. Acknowledgement of Applications - Within 10 days -
3. Issue of Offer Letters - 7 days from the day of release of results -
II. Student Records
1. Enquiries - Reply within 7 days -
2. Change of Stream/Study Programme - Student record will be updated accordingly upon receipt of the approval from Department concerned -
3. Change of Personal Data - Within the same day -
4. Course Exemption/Credit Transfer - 3 days from application submission for transmission to Department concerned -
5. Replacement of Student Identity Card - Within 5 days 100 per copy
6. Suspension of Studies



Application form will be sent to relevant units for consideration within 2 days
Student will be notified of the result and relevant records will be updated within 3 days upon receipt of decision from relevant units
7. Taking a Gap Year - Same as Suspension of Studies -
8. Testimonial - 7 days 50 per copy
9. Transcripts - 7 days 70 per copy
10. Withdrawal - Student record will be updated within 2 days upon receipt of completed form -
11. Make-up Application for Official Withdrawal - Student record will be updated within 2 days upon receipt of completed form and payment certification less than
1 year:
more than
1 year:
III. Examination
1. Examination Timetable - 6 weeks before examinations -
2. Application for Appeal of Assessment Results
-review of grade
- Results of appeal will be determined within 7 days from the day when the application is lodged 200
(review of grade)
3. Supplementary Assessment/Make-up Examination - to be arranged by the academic units concerned -
IV. Others
1. Certificate of Retitlement - On the spot (upon receipt of applications and after verification) 50 per copy
2. Authorisation letter - Complete and submit this letter if the Registry document(s) is/are collected by your authorised representative.) -


* The above documents are available in PDF format (You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, please click Get Acrobat Reader to download.)