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Joint-university campaign to promote BYO (Bring Your Own) culture

Lingnan echoes joint-university campaign to promote BYO (Bring Your Own) culture

Following the success of the joint university campaign "UNIfy: Skip the Straw" last year, the eight UGC-funded universities decided to show their determination to develop a green and healthy community by reducing waste at source and launched "The Joint-U Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO" in March.

The universities held a “BYO Week” in the week of March 11-17 on campuses, where catering outlets offered special discount or incentives to promote BYO actions. Student ambassadors of each university were also there to share BYO tips with fellow students and the community.


To echo the campaign, the Science Unit organised a series of outreach activities at Lingnan as follows:


Name of Activity


Mar 11-12

Water Exhibition and Experiment

Promotion Booth

Mar 11-14

Solar Mobile Café – Free Coffee for BYO!

Promotion Booth

Mar 14

Waste Sorting and Clean Recycling Workshop

Talk + Workshop

Apr 11

Making Zero Impact Fashionable



The Water Exhibition and Experiment booth co-organised with Urban Spring, a company promoting the BYO culture and reduction of single-use plastic bottles with a smart water dispenser Well#, introduced students to various types of drinking water through a mini game. Students were also invited to bring their own bottles to refill water at Well# to initiate BYO habits.


The Waste Sorting and Clean Recycling Workshop was jointly organised by the unit and the NGO Ecobus. It attracted some 100 students to attend the sharing by the Environmental Protection Department on the proposed Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme and to take part in the hands-on waste sorting exercise.


With the support of WWF-HK, the unit held a promotion booth with free coffee and a talk on sustainable fashion. During the four-day promotion at the Solar Mobile Café, the green ambassadors reached out to over 500 staff and students to exchange views on green purchasing and sustainable fashion.


Kay Wong, Founder of Fashion Clinic (Upcycling Fashion Label), and Wilson Lam, Project Manager of the Clothing Industry Training Authority were the speakers of the sustainable fashion talk. They shared their insights and experience in fashion and sustainability, and introduced various materials and fabrics to the audience and discussed how the general public could protect the environment with sustainable fashion.