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Lingnan alumna shares her pursuit of dreams at “Tuesdays with Mentors”

Lingnan alumna shares her pursuit of dreams at “Tuesdays with Mentors”

Ms Taki Chan, a graduate of MPhil in Psychology in 2012 and a former tutor of Chung Shun Yee Min Hall, shared her fruitful campus life at Lingnan and post-graduation adventures at “Tuesdays with Mentors” dinner talk held on 19 September.  She encouraged students to chase their dreams and overcome difficulties fearlessly.


During her study at Lingnan, Taki was awarded “The Most Distinguished Student of the University Award” and other significant scholarships.  She was active in participating in various student activities and exchange tours to enrich herself.  After graduation, she started her working holiday in Vienna.  All these adventures have nourished Taki to become a person with strong motivation, passion and international perspectives. 


Taki felt so blessed to have encountered all her mentors and friends along the journey.  They inspired her to realise plans and achieve goals with greatest determination.  Taki encouraged Lingnan students to get out of their comfort zone and find passion in lifelong learning.

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