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Signature Programmes

Winter Academy on automation of shoreline clean-up

The six-day event will focus on creating a deeper understanding of the world's oceans, the challenges around different forms of plastic pollution, their dangers to marine life and habitat, and various ingenious solutions which have been developed around the world. Followed by inspiring them to contribute to this arsenal of clean-up tools by designing and building systems to aid in the clean-up effort. The students will be working diverse groups from across the campus to tackle this challenge. They will be aided by staff from Lingnan as well from various NGOs working on this specific challenge.

Final output will be the prototypes which have been refined, a process document and future plans for the prototype.



  1. To enhance the understanding of HK and global ocean and shoreline pollution due to plastics
  2. To ignite the creativity among Lingnan students to design innovative tools for cleaning
  3. To build prototypes which can be deployment ready for small-scale pilot projects


Program Details

Venue: Lingnan Library Ground and Mezzanine floors.

Date and time: 3rd Jan – 8th Jan 2022 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Incentives: 6 ILP (Civic Education and  Leadership Development) & 6 ILP (Intellectual and  Entrepreneurship Development)

Deposit: 500 HKD to enrol in the programme and will be refunded upon 80% attendance. (Deadline to pay deposit 15th Dec 2021)


Program Facilitator

Mr. Brian KATONA (Senior Project Engineer)

Dr. Aloysius Wilfred Raj AROKIARAJ (Associate Programme Director)


Program Structure

  1. Schedule:




    3rd Jan 2022 (Mon)

    Introduction about Marine Plastic pollution

    Current solutions in the field and in development

    4th Jan 2022 (Tue)

    Designing potential prototypes through design thinking process

    Guided early prototyping session

    5th Jan 2022 (Wed)

    Group prototyping session

    Testing early prototypes

    6th Jan 2022 (Thu)

    Prototype fabrication and needs based tools training

    Prototype fabrication and needs based tools training

    7th Jan 2022 (Fri)

    Prototype fabrication and needs based tools training

    Prototype field testing

    8th Jan 2022 (Sat)

    Next steps

    Documentation and storytelling



 Link to register: click HERE

Application Deadline: 1st December 2021 (Deadline extended)  



Aloysius Wilfred Raj Arokiaraj

Email:  | Phone: 2616 8078 

Mr. Brian KATONA

Email:  | Phone: 2616 8066

Maggie Cheng  

Email: |  Phone: 2616 8051