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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

ECF – Hong Kong Ocean Environmental Pioneer Academy

Beach Cleaning

ECF – Hong Kong Ocean Environmental Pioneer Academy is a project funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund, which aims to enhance public awareness and actions to protect the ocean and seashore of Hong Kong, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative and Science Unit of Lingnan University will utilize their knowledge and strengths in Marine Science and Environmental Technology with emphasis on Design Thinking to nurture a group of 120 Ocean Environmental Pioneers (OEPs). These 120 OEPs will create ripple effects for more than 1,000 individual participants to clean Hong Kong’s ocean by innovative seashore cleaning activities, engaging experiential marine litter research and workshops organized by A Plastic Ocean Organiztion, public campaigns in schools and communities, as well as the development of solution prototypes.

The project will enable OEPs and participants to identify challenges associated with Hong Kong’s seashore conservation. OEPs will be trained in empathy and problem identification via fieldworks, surveys, followed by proposing solutions using Design Innovation and Mature Technology as toolsets, such as how to apply the robotic technology innovatively to solve the challenges encountered, and implementing the proposed solutions under the guidance of experts. 1,000 youth will be also invited to join design thinking workshops in the school and community project to encourage them to co-create innovative solutions for seashore protection. The project team will mobilize its network of schools and community partners to create impactful community education campaigns and behavioural change actions.  

Prototype Team: Clearbot