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Project Ultra Violite: Rapid Disinfection Service for Sub-divided Units

Project Introduction 
As COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong are growing, community health has become the focus of public attention. The Project Ultra Violite brings together engineers, medical doctors, social workers, and other professionals to develop mature and reliable ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology and provide free disinfection services for households with relatively crowded living environments. Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust’s "COVID-19 Emergency Fund", Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative of Lingnan University, Department of Social Work and Social Administration of University of Hong Kong,  Caritas Youth and Community Service, and Health In Action jointly organize the "Project Ultra Violite" to provide free and efficient UV disinfection services for one thousand sub-divided units, helping to prevent viruses from spreading in the units, and reducing the risks of household infections and community outbreaks. The Project also aims to reduce the anxiety of the residents and help them refocus on taking care of their family and environmental hygiene. Please click here to download the project leaflet. 


Up-to-date Figure (as of 29 June)

Number of Disinfection Services Conducted: 1,032

Pilot Project Period

From Mid-April 2020 to Late-June 2020


Service Targets 

The main targets of this Project include :​

  • Any sub-divided units;
  • Crowded households referred by social welfare agencies; or
  • Special cases referred by social welfare agencies, including households with low-income or chronic patients.

Service will be given priority to:

  • Sub-divided units with poor or repaired drainage system; or
  • Households with children (12 year-old or younger), elderly, or chronic patients.

* The Project also welcomes households who meet the above conditions to apply directly online. Please click here to download the project leaflet.


Service Flow

Service Flow Chart



UV Disinfection Service for Households ( Free of Charge )

      ( Individual Household )

  • Whatsapp / Phone call registration: 5581-4511


Service Features

  • This Project is designed and implemented by the University of Hong Kong and the Lingnan University, bringing together social workers, medical doctors, engineers and other professionals
  • All volunteers must complete the technical and hygiene training under the guidance of professional engineers and practicing doctors before operating the relevant devices for household disinfection
  • The process and effectiveness of the Project are monitored and evaluated by the scholars of the University of Hong Kong


UV Disinfection Device

  • Scientific research proves that UV light can effectively kill 95% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the irradiation range, preventing the spread of pathogens through the air or through the surface of objects
  • Using the UV disinfection lamp in the traditional biological science laboratory as the blueprint, a disinfection device with the same sterilization efficiency but suitable for home use is designed
  • Time-saving and convenient, the whole house disinfection process takes only 5-30 minutes (depending on the environment and size of the households)
  • Lightweight, with mobile protection device and portable stand, suitable for use in limited spaces
  • 360° powerful irradiation, covering the hard-to-reach positions during normal cleaning
  • Equipped with intelligent sensor and remote control to ensure the safety of users and residents



  • Collaboration / Media enquiries : Dr. Hu ( 2616-8077 / )
  • Service enquiries : Ms. Chan ( 2616-8060 / ) or Ms. Cheng ( 2616-8051 / )


UVC lights