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Hostel Entrepreneurship Laboratory (HEL)


Hostel Entrepreneurship Laboratory is a trial-and-error lab for students to experiment their ideas tackling community challenges in Student Hostels and Tuen Mun District. Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) & Office of Student Affairs (OSA) offered a series of training workshops and a competition to build an Innovation and Entrepreneurship community within Lingnan Hostels.

The final pitch was held on 22 February 2021. Five outstanding teams were nominated to receive up to HKD 20,000 Student Entrepreneurial Exploration Development (SEED) Fund and Student Activities Fund.


Introduction of Winning Teams and Projects:


"StoreTruck611" is a start-up project supported by the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Our team members Wendi FU Wing Lam, Anthony NG Man Hoi, and Ringo Harrison are dedicated to improving health and well-being on campus. We offer nutrition-balanced meal-boxes made with local organic produce and deliver them to each hostel; fresh vegetables and fruits are available for sales.

Our vision is to enhance wellness by promoting a balanced diet, supporting local farmers by purchasing products from them, and promoting cultural exchange by introducing different countries' food.

Instagram: storetruck611





"Food-Lab" is a start-up project which aims to reduce wastage by food recycling. The project stores and offers food through our lockers. We encourage the public to donate their unwanted food so that people with financial needs could get the food at lower prices. In addition, the donors could gain coupons and refunds after donating a certain amount of food.

Instagram: food_lab_lingu





"Commix" is an ethic-inclusiveness oriented and community-based App to foster communication and interaction among users of different races and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Four featured functions on our App are "Secret Mode" (provide anonymous and private chat), "Home Page" (shows different cultural articles), "Perfect Match" (first match people surround you), and "We-Connect" (profile page that shows our users' bio and following post). The App also provides a comprehensive, safe and user-friendly platform for our users to interact and helps create resonance and raise community identity.





We are Team Gambit. In our project Green Vending, we plan to provide a rental service for glass containers. Recently, there has been an increase in environmental awareness globally. Lots of Hong Kong people notice the severe problems of solid waste. However, they lack the motivation to make changes. Our project has designed a vending machine for renting glass containers and promotes a green lifestyle and plastic-free concepts.




Team “Medicket” will develop an App for the community to make appointments with private clinics. The team plans to recruit students from other universities to support the technical side. 



LEI Team

Nicholas Ooi
Email:  | Phone: 2616 8072

Email:  | Phone: 2616 8061

Jessica Wong

Email: Email:  | Phone: 2616 8063


OSA Team

Nans Leung

Email: | Phone: 2616 7365

Sita Wong 

Email: | Phone: 2616 7025