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Global Game Jam 2020

The Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) Organized the first Global Game Jam 2020 at Lingnan university on 31 Jan - 2 Feb in a remote fashion along with the help of our sponsor Hong Kong Policy Research Institute Limited - International Relations Centre. The Global Game Jam is an international event that brings people from all fields together to make a game in 48 hours. The event starts on Friday evening when they announce the theme, and participants have until Sunday to finish the game.

We had 29 registered participants; three groups have proceeded to the final challenge online. This year the goal was to make a game within the theme 'Repair’ within 48 hours virtually. Two Teams came up with a card game and one of our teams made the game in HTML.


Re: Memory

Re: Memory is a competitive card game about repairing memory. Players need to repair the memory by gathering two sets of stories. There would be two sides in the gameplay, the person with a good character side, and a bad one. Every card contains both good and bad characters, with one on top and the other at the bottom. The players can turn the card upside down to change it from good to bad, and vice versa.

Fix You

Fix You

Fix you is a collective narrative card game. In a dark fairy-tale world players need to find their lost memories back. The game consists of two stages. In the First stage, players compete to gather clue cards. In the second stage, by observing the clue cards collected from the previous round, players try to distinguish the real memory from the fake memories and finally vote for the correct plot and gain relative victory points. Whoever gets most victory points wins.

Project Repair

Project Repair

Project Repair is a digital arcade game where you need to catch the falling pieces out of the sky to repair buildings before the time is up.

More info about the games and where to play:

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