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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshops


Track-Alpha (Pre-incubation Stage)

“Track Alpha” is an early planning phase activity or a pre-incubation stage for evaluating innovation opportunities. At this track, students will learn about the basic concept of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). Some training and workshops are as below:



Ideation Design Thinking
Human-Centered Participatory Design
Lego Serious Play
Prototype (Arduino, 3D Scan, 3D Print, 3D Model, and Lazer Cut)
Social/Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Development Goals
Humanitarian Innovation
Idea Confirmation Pitching and Storytelling



Track-Beta (Incubation Stage)

“Track Beta” is an incubation track where aspiring entrepreneurs execute their business and begin to push forward and test their products or services to the market. At this track, aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to learn new knowledge or do more research on customer satisfaction.

Category Topic
Market Research Marketing and Digital Marketing
Market Test
Consumer Survey and Market Research
Personal/Company Branding
Technology Integration Online Business / e-Commerce
Benefits of Information and Communications Technology
Photography, Movie Making / Video Production & Editing
Business Optimization Financial Management/Forecast
Business Optimization and How
Proof of Concept Business/Lean Model Canvas
Business Plan Writing
Technology Integration
Team Management Team Role Test
Personality Test
Human Resources / People Management



Track-Delta (Acceleration Stage)

“Track Delta” is an expansion or acceleration stage (which also indicates a significant change in business) when entrepreneurs’ core product and product vision offering enough functionality and begin for revenue gain. At this track, entrepreneurs are more likely to scale up their business or begin to look for investors.

Category Topic
Commercialization Commercialization
Trademark / Intellectual Property / Patent Registration
Law and Regulations
Scaling Market Traction
Quality Control and Assurance
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Acceleration Angel Investment and Venture Capital