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Design Innovation Lab

Design Innovation Lab

It is a collaborative space for Lingnan entrepreneurs and social innovators to incubate and showcase their start-up ideas. There are 4 different zones inside the Design Innovation Lab, including Virtual Reality (VR) Zone, Makers ZoneStartup Zone and Knowledge Transfer Zone. 

Location: 1/F, Fong Sum Wood Library 

*The lab is now under renovation.


STEAM Education and Research Centre (SERC)

The centre aims at improving teaching materials, academic and educational policy research, teacher training, competition activity, supporting primary and secondary education, holding academic forums and related affairs of STEAM. The centre differentiates from other institutions as it addresses the significant function of knowledge transfer from university to other sectors by focusing more on related subjects of STEAM.

Location: Room 410, 4/F, Lau Chung Him Building, Lingnan University



LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab

Lingnan University has built a 2,000 sq ft “LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab” at the campus to display gerontech products catered to healthcare, dining, living, and transport. It showcases different gerontech products, promotes awareness among the public, and provide hands-on experience of how gerontech products can enhance the elderly and carers’ quality of life. New geronetch products would also be introduced to stimulate innovative technology and social entrepreneurship.

Location: Room G04, Simon & Eleanor Kwok Building, Lingnan University



Animation and Digital Arts Lab

To provide sufficient practicing opportunities for students, a Teaching and General Lab located at SEK G02 is open to all ADA students 24 hours a day.

Each computer in the lab is equipped with the following types of software:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. TVPaint Animation
  3. Autodesk Maya

Location:  Room G02, Simon & Eleanor Kwok Building, Lingnan University