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Entrepreneurs from Faculty of Business

Faculty of Arts

LEI extends support to our young graduates for starting and/or continuously developing their business. Ample exhibition, networking, training and visit tour opportunities are provided to alumni for promoting their business and enhance their competitive skills in the entrepreneurial field.

DesignThinkingforBusiness HKTDC Exhibition Bootcamp3

Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Undergraduate Programmes Office of the Faculty of Business coordinates the offering of the Minor in Entrepreneurship. This Minor programme is open to BBA, BBA-RIM and non-BBA students.

Students are required to complete five courses (15 credits) to fulfil the requirements of this Minor.

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Lingnanian Alumni Entrepreneurs from the Faculty of Arts


Taetaeland (Founder Ms. Rainbow Ng)

Taetaeland is a start-up Online shop that aims to offer female (15-30 years-old) high quality and affordable Korean Niche brand clothes. 

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(Graduate from the Department of Marketing, 2020)
Recipient of the Graduate Support Fund

Keen Hope Centre

Keen Hope Center (Co-Founders Mr. Louis Mak and Mr. Tony Yen)

Keen Hope Center provide a one-stop service of sports and medical center, integrating martial arts and traditional Chinese diagnosis with relevant products and services.

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(Graduate from the Department of Marketing and Department of Risk and Insurance Management, 2020)
*Recipients of the Graduate Support Fund



Kayinggstore (Founder Ms. Kathy CHU)

Kayinggstore aims to share the founder’s experiences in physical and mental health, in areas such as weight loss, depression, eating disorder, eczema, nasal allergy, etc. All articles are written by the founder, Kathy, to share her experience, feelings and suggestions to help more people in need.

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(Graduate from the Department of Marketing, 2020)
Recipient of the Graduate Support Fund


OnGrad Consulting Company Limited (Co-Founder and CEO Mr. Anthony SO)

"My partners and I have established a one-stop platform called OnGrad, providing matching service for corporates and graduates. As a young person, I think it is important to have a daring mind in face of challenges. If I add new elements to the current system or create new values, I must accept a certain degree of risks. A person who is willing to meet challenges will continue to learn, analyze and explore and will also pay attention to things happening around. Lingnan has always given me a lot of opportunities to support my adventures and build up my courage to challenge the past."

(Bachelor of Business Administration, 2013) 


Recruit AI HK (Founder Mr. Steve LI)

Recruit AI Studio is a local startup that provides a preliminary screening solution with artificial intelligence technology. They offer a mobile application called VCruit that allows talents to conduct a one-way interview with the built-in interviewer at any time and anywhere. The system can evaluate the talent's interview performance and identify the right talent automatically with precise data comparison. It also optimizes the recruitment & selection process and improves the HRM efficiency. On the other hand, VCruit has provided a fair interview opportunity for all talents to perform with higher flexibility against a traditional interview.

(Graduate of Department of Marketing and International Business, 2008) 

 Related Projects

KT Lai Chi Wo


Entrepreneurship Minor Program

The Entrepreneurship Minor Program aims to attract students from different disciplines with the intention to address various business or social issues by recombining resources. A significant feature of the Program is cross-disciplinary. Students will be from different departments’ university-wide. They will be inspired by creativity or innovation-related content from different fields. The entrepreneurship capstone projects will be under the supervision of faculty members from different departments, providing expertise from different academic areas.

The Program provides a capstone project-based experience for students to develop their first start-up plan. This entrepreneurial endeavor will be supported by funding inside and/or outside the university. The vast network of industry and business connections built up by the Faculty of Business, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Education, and Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative would significantly benefit the start-ups.

The Program will:

  • Encourage students to develop an entrepreneurial passion.
  • Help students to understand the opportunities and constraints in the external environment.
  • Provide students’ with skills that are necessary to run a startup in either for-profit or non-profit field.