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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

Contact Us

Contact Us

Lingnan University Entrepreneurship Fund (LUEF)

Ms. Aka Tsang (Project Officer)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8067


Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative

Prof. Albert KO (Director)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8059

Mr. KUM Hiu Fung, Michael (Programme Manager)
Email:  |  Phone: 2616 8061

Mr. Amr Mohamed Sayed Mohamed ARAFA (Senior Project Officer)
Email:  |  Phone: 2616 8063

Ms. Fish CHIU (Project Officer)
Email: |  Phone: 2616 8051

Ms. Kati NG (Project Officer)
Email:  |  Phone: 2616 8071

Ms. Aka Tsang (Project Officer)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8067


Social Innovation Hub
Dr. Aloysius Wilfred Raj AROKIARAJ (Humanitarian Scientist)
Email:  |  Phone: 2616 8078

Ms. Helen TSE (Project Officer)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8076


Design and Engineering

Mr. Adrian LO (Product Design Lead)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8075

Mr. Edward LAM (Senior Project Engineer)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8066

Mr. Jimmy CHU (Project Engineer)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8072

Mr. Lukas CHEUNG (Project Engineer)
Email: | Phone: 2616 8077


*Please feel free to make an appointment with our specialists and engineers or find us at LBY101.

General Contact