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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative - Humanitarian Technology (HT)

About Humanitarian Technology (HT)




LU humanitarian inventions win prestigious international design awards

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) has received two Gold awards at the MUSE Design Award in the category Conceptual Design for their “CREW Wheelchair Control System” and “12° Mask” respectively.




UV-C disinfection lights

The Project Ultra Violite has provided free
disinfection service to about 1,000 underprivileged
households during the pandemic.input caption here

Technology has been the primary driver of change since prehistoric times and is asserted to play an even bigger role in the future. Although modern technology is omnipresent in the developed world, even simple technology which has the potential to transform billions of lives has not reached most people on planet earth. If being used properly, basic mature technology can lead to profound impacts which help improve people’s living conditions and preserve their dignity.

The core of humanitarian technology (HT) is to make mature technology accessible to the billions who lack them, to innovate processes to remove bottlenecks that hinder socio-economic development, and above all explore the most sustainable form of deployment of these technologies. Humanitarian technological innovation does not need to entail the invention of entirely new technology or the adoption of high tech. Making an existing technology more affordable and/or useable in new settings and situations can be just as effective. The application of humanitarian technology is to satisfy people’s basic needs and with a special focus on vulnerable groups who usually receive less attention from mainstream society. 


Students went to Cambodia to work on a poverty
alleviation project for small scale farmers in 
Kampong Cham province.

Being guided by the motto of “Education for Service”, Lingnan University is committed to serve the community and provide students with various chances for deep learning with experiences. Liberal arts education emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and nurtures students to be professional problem solvers. This provides a perfect match for developing HT projects as Lingnan students are characterized by having a creative mindset, a passion to serve, and are capable to identify and communicate community challenges as well as innovate for solutions with the guidance and research support from faculty and staff members. 

Through the support of Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI), Lingnan collaborates with universities, NGOs, impact investors around the world to amplify the impact of its HT. Lingnan also focuses on HT education to provide various local & overseas opportunities for students to go to the field and tackle real-world social issues by collaborating with local communities in need. Students learn and apply mature technology to solve humanitarian challenges and act towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

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Project UVC

UVC Robot

Transparent Mask