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Global Engagement

Global Engagement

Global Engagement

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge requires reaching beyond our regional boundaries. To enhance and broaden the global experiences of students and faculty, Lingnan has been actively establishing strategic collaborations with institutions worldwide. The University is also committed to promoting internationalisation on campus and providing students with international exchange, internship and Service-Learning opportunities.

International collaborations and research initiatives

Our researchers collaborate with scholars across Asia and around the world in a wide variety of research projects with both local and international impact. Inter-university research platforms have been set up with local and overseas institutions to strengthen research capabilities and the learning experience of students. An outstanding example is the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) launched by the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education together with Lingnan University and eight other universities in Australia, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Mainland China, South Africa, and the UK. This is the largest research centre in the world specifically focused on higher education and its future development.

In the coming years, the University will pursue more international collaboration and co-branding in programme offering, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as in our research endeavours. 

International conferences and seminars

The University encourages faculty and students to actively participate in international conferences by presenting papers and interacting with overseas researchers. Each year, the Research Committee supports faculty to attend local and overseas conferences.

International exchange opportunities

Lingnan’s commitment to internationalisation is reflected by the diversity of student and faculty population on campus. Over 64% of our 217 faculty members have an international background either in academic training or research experience, while 334 exchange students pursued their studies at Lingnan in 2014/15. The University is devoted to developing exchange partners worldwide. With more than 260 partners in about 49 countries, 85% of our undergraduates benefit from international exchange opportunities or can participate in short-term summer programmes. Please visit the website of the Office of Global Education for more details.

Apart from running regular exchange programmes, the University has also launched the Global Scholar Programme, which gives students the opportunity to develop a global understanding of their research topic through studying in two other overseas institutions.

In addition, the University has set up the Research Postgraduate Scholarships for Overseas Research Visits which allows Lingnan PhD students to undertake a 6-month research visit at an overseas institution as well as PhD students from overseas institutions to come to Lingnan as exchange students for 6 months, under the co-supervision by supervisors from both the home and host institutions.

International internship and Service-Learning opportunities

The Office of Student Affairs organises various international internship programmes to provide students with opportunities to gain experience in real work settings and broaden their exposure in culturally diverse environments. These include ASEAN Internship Scheme, Global Internships, Disney Cultural Exchange Program, Mainland Summer Internship Programme and many others.
Each summer, over 60 students from both Lingnan and partner universities join the Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Academy and other Service-Learning trips in OSL’s Trailblazer Programme. They gain global experience in Service-Learning, human-centered design, humanitarian technology, and inclusive entrepreneurship by serving in countries all over the world, including Kazakhstan, Uganda, Nepal, Gansu, and Cambodia.