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Current and Recent Research

Reconstructing Guangdong through Agriculture: The Agriculture School of Lingnan, 1907-1952 (Led by Prof Zhang Lei)


Selected Publications

LAU, C. P. (2018). History of the Hong Kong maritime industry before World War II. In O. Duru (Ed.), Maritime Business and Economics: Asian Perspectives: Asian Perspective (pp. 203-217). (Routledge Maritime Masters). Routledge.

LAU, C. P. (2018). Shipping business strategies and development of the Hong Kong maritime industry. In O. Duru (Ed.), Maritime Business and Economics: Asian Perspective: Asian Perspectives (pp. 218-237). (Routledge Maritime Masters). Routledge.

劉智鵬, 黄君健, & 錢浩賢 (2014). 天空下的傳奇 : 從啟德到赤鱲角 (上、下冊). 香港: 三聯書店(香港)有限公司 Joint Publishing. (Chinese)

LIU, G. W. (2013). Agricultural productivity in early modern Jiangnan. In The Economy of Lower Yangzi delta in Late Imperial China (pp. 99-117). Routledge.

LIU, G. W. (2014). Market integration in China, AD 960-1644. In R. J. VAN DER SPEK, B. VAN LEEUWEN, & J. L. VAN ZANDEN (Eds.), A History of Market Performance: From Ancient Babylonia to the Modern World (pp. 308-338). (Routledge explorations in economic history; No. 68). Oxon: Routledge.

LIU, G. W., PENG, K., & PERKINS, D. H. (2018). Long-term changes in late imperial China’s real wages and GDP per capita, 1000-1900: a reexamination and reassessment. Paper presented at XVIII World Economic History Congress, Boston, United States.

張俊義, & 劉智鵬 (2015). 中華民國專題史 : 第17卷 : 香港與內地關係研究. 南京: 南京大學出版社. (Chinese)