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Current and Recent Research

2019, One Country, Diverse Employment Systems: Measuring Employment Regulations in Sub-national China Based on Employment Protection Legislation Index (EPLI)

Faculty Research Grant, HK$50,000

Investigators: Prof MOK Ka Ho, Dr HUANG Genghua


Selected Publications

CHEN, X., LAU, K. W. M., KAN, M. Y., CHIANG, I. C., HU, Y-J., GONG, J., LI, L., NGOK, K. L. (2016). Lifestyle and addictive behaviors among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Wuhan, and Zhuhai: a first cross-subculture assessment. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 23(5), 561-570.

FORREST, R. (2018). Housing wealth, social structures and changing narratives. International Journal of Urban Sciences, 1-15.

LI, M., WANG, Z., ZHAO, X. (2018). The role of indigenous technological capability and interpersonal trust in supply chain learning. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 118(5), 1052-1070.

LIU, M., SHIH, V., & ZHANG, D. (2018). The fall of the old guards: explaining decentralization in China. Studies in Comparative International Development, 53(4), 379-403.

WANG, Z., WANG, Q., ZHAO, X., LYLES, M., ZHU, G. (2016). The interactive effects of external knowledge sources and internal resources on the innovative capabilities of Chinese manufacturers. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 116(8), 1617 – 1635.

YE, F., LI, L., WANG, Z., LI, Y. (2018). An asymmetric Nash bargaining model for carbon emission quota allocation among industries: evidence from Guangdong Province, China. Sustainability, 10, 4210.

ZHU, J., HUANG, H., & ZHANG, D. (2017). Big tigers, big data: learning social reactions to China’s anticorruption campaign through online feedback. Public Administration Review.