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In our own words

Sharon Wong.jpg
“Because of the liberal arts educators at Lingnan, I experienced a quantum leap in my whole-person development during my undergraduate years. Now as a higher education teacher myself, I hope that I will be able to help my current students in the way I was nurtured by nice and patient role-models at my alma mater.”

Sharon Wong, ’09 Translation
Lecturer, Caritus Institute of Higher Education

Nicole Cheung.jpg
“Lingnan helped me develop my interests by introducing me to aspects that I have never ventured into before. It led me to the field of philosophy and reignited my interest in photography and design. It is a place where I can freely and confidently explore my areas of interests.”

Nicol Cheung, Year 2 Visual Studies

Betty Huang.jpg
“The positive impact of liberal arts education is actually everywhere in life. Being an all-rounded individual with wide horizons, liberal mindset and broad knowledge, you will have the solid soft power to stand firm in the current society. It also helps you develop into a cheerful and likable person.”

Betty Huang, ’11 BBA
Associate, Finance Department, Nomura

Sheng Hung.jpg
"My years at Lingnan has taught me to appreciate small things. Every tiny bit matters. Knowing my role and responsibility, I explore with curiosity and sincerity."

Sheng Hung, PhD Visual Studies
Part-time teacher, i-dArt

Cecilia Chan.jpg
“I was blessed with inspiring teachers. They taught me to extend empathy to communities overlooked by society. They taught me to face trials with composure and dignity. Most of all, I was shown that the pursuit of knowledge, though exciting and noble, is meaningless unless we learn to become good people.”

Cecilia Chan, MPhil Translation


Anthony So.jpg
"I am an adventurer who doesn't believe in fate. At Lingnan, I learned to stay hungry for knowledge and understood the importance of serving and sharing happiness. I am an independent, dynamic, extrovert and critical thinker, and most importantly, a Lingnanian."

Anthony So, ’15 Marketing
Management Trainee, New World Development

Jenny Lam.jpg

“At Lingnan, I have begun to understand liberal arts as a set of learning attitudes, care for humanity and open-mindedness as a global citizen. The people I met at Lingnan have given me insights into what is a good social scientist and a good liberal arts student.”

Jenny Lam, Year 4 Social Sciences


Conis Dong.jpg
"Lingnan provided me with diverse learning opportunities. I could take different Translation and Chinese Literature courses for my interest even though my major was Marketing. The small class environment encouraged me to share my ideas with classmates and allowed me to build close relationships with professors.”

Conis Dong, ’14 Marketing
Management Trainee, South China Group


Galvin Goh.jpg
“At Lingnan, I have managed to discover new personal values and talents. Such values and talents are nurtured and enhanced under the guidance and support of the staff and lecturers in Lingnan. My life here in Lingnan is indeed a journey of self-discovery with a group of right-minded people.”

Goh Chen Yik, Year 2 Social Sciences


Paul Lu.jpg
“Never have I imagined in my life that I would belong to a liberal arts community with accessible professors, helpful staff, and friendly students. Apart from academic activities, talking to friends from different countries, doing service-learning, and leaving my comfort zone by joining Toastmasters are so far the most remarkable parts of my journey in Lingnan.”

Han Paul Lu, Year 1 Social Sciences


Jeff Chan.JPG
“Generating new ideas and learning to think critically with the pleasure of exploring the world are the most extraordinary experiences that Lingnan University gave me. This is a small place with unlimited possibilities.”

Jeff Chan, Year 2 Social Sciences