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Testimonials from Employers and Partners

Employers' Testimonials

“Asia Financial and Asia Insurance – one of Hong Kong’s leading general insurance companies – need people who can learn, think for themselves, ask the right questions and communicate well with colleagues and clients. Over the years several dozen Lingnan graduates have joined our insurance underwriting, claims and reinsurance teams and our investment department. One is now a senior vice president, and of the 20 who have joined since 2009, three have already been promoted to assistant manager. We hope to welcome more staff with the Lingnan liberal arts background in the future.”

The Hon Bernard Charnwut Chan
Asia Financial Holdings Ltd & Asia Insurance Co. Ltd

“EY is a global organisation with 212,000 employees in 730 offices across 150 countries by 2015, and we look for talents with international vision. A number of Lingnan graduates with liberal arts education have joined EY to begin their journey of valuable life-long experience. We look forward to welcoming more Lingnan graduates to join our global organization”


Mr Kenny Wei
Partner, International Tax Services - Transfer Pricing
Ernst & Young Tax Services Limited

“I am highly impressed by graduates from Lingnan University, who are highly motivated, self-initiated and willing to learn. They are well-equipped for their careers and work hard to achieve career goals. I am glad that some of the graduates from Lingnan University have become members of New World Group, and look forward to seeing them to grow together with the Group and create a brave new world.”


Ms Jenny Chiu
General Manager, Human Resources
New World Development Company Limited

“Lingnan students demonstrate the ability to think creatively, initiate tasks at hand, and act as responsible citizens. As sought-after applicants in the marketplace, they have excellent decision-making capabilities and overall commitment towards their futures and the future of Hong Kong.”

Mr Simon Sung
Group Director of Human Resources
Sino Group of Hotels

“With strong determination to develop their careers, Lingnan graduates are dynamic, proactive and reliable team players who work productively and efficiently.”

Mr Martin Lau
Executive Manager, Retail Management
Sinopec (HK) Co. Ltd.

“Lingnan graduates perform well in various departments of TVB. They have positive work attitudes, orderly thought processes, and a clear understanding of what their jobs entail. They are assets to the TVB team.”

Ms Connie Lai
Former Assistant Controller (Personnel & Administration)
Television Broadcasts Limited

“Lingnan graduates are diligent, self-motivated and all-rounded. They are eager to learn and can get along well with colleagues.”

Dr Man Chi-sum
Chief Executive Officer
Green Power

“Lingnan graduates are always positive, committed and confident. They are eager to learn and strive for the best. They demonstrate a stable and solid progression in our profession and I believe they are very well equipped to contribute to our society.”

Mr Fung Shiu-hang
Practising Director
Mazars CPA Limited

“Lingnan graduates are hard-working, detail-oriented and have a great desire to learn. We welcome more interns from Lingnan University and look forward to keeping a good relationship with the university.”

Ms Nancy Yu
Assistant Human Resource Manager
Ascott Property Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Community Partners’ Testimonials

“Lingnan University is one of the important partners of Tuen Mun Healthy City Limited. We have jointly organised and participated in a number of activities aiming to promote health knowledge. One of the key activities is the “Think-Act-Contribute” promotional campaign through which the students, the elderly and the whole community can learn more about health knowledge. We hope to bring the awareness of keeping ourselves healthy to the community by creating a “TAC Funky Dance” which encourage people to exercise with joy. Lingnan University and its students also helped and participated in several other activities organised by Tuen Mun Healthy City Limited, including “Tuen Mun Beach Festival” and “Walking 8000 Steps”. Lingnan students are committed to serving the community and promoting health knowledge. They have positive attitudes and live a wonderful university life.”

Mr Edward Pong Chong, BBS, JP
Tuen Mun Healthy City Limited

“Lingnan students are very smart and willing to learn new things. From my experience of working with them, they can learn fast and provide us with many new ideas and suggestions for improvement. I am so impressed by their hard-working attitude, innovative mindset and team work. Service-Learning is so successful in Lingnan. Congratulations!”

Mr Raymond Cheng Wai-man
General Manager,
Go Green (Hong Kong) Ltd.

“While serving at the booths of Service Learning with the theme of “age-friendly community”, Lingnan students have employed creative and diversified approach to make the theme more interesting and lively. As a result, the elderly who participated in the activities had a deep impression about the concept of age-friendly community, learned a lot of practical information and brought home with special souvenirs. During the planning process, the students actively sought advice from teachers, staff of the SWD and the Office of Service Learning to make sure the project serve the needs of the elderly. I was greatly impressed by the students’ thoughtful arrangement, such as providing activities to the elderly during the waiting time, and using visual effects instead of words for easier understanding. I also appreciate their respect and understanding towards the elderly.”

Ms Connie Tse So-yuk
Social Work Officer
Tuen Mun District Planning & Co-ordinating Team
Social Welfare Department

“We had young student interns from Lingnan University year after year. We found that they are energetic, motivated and have excellent skills. Service-Learning is a new form of learning and teaching that all universities are trying to incorporate. Lingnan University has been a pioneer in this area. We look forward to seeing the fruitful results of Lingnan’s Service-Learning, and hope that Lingnan will build an even stronger and more effective partnership network in the next decade.”

Dr Rajesh Tandon
Founder-President of PRIA
UNESCO Co-Chair on Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education